Ride in Style (and We Do Mean Style!)

Booking your upcoming round at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club through Caledonia Golf Vacations will ensure your entire experience is an absolute blast, right down to the very vehicle you use to cruise the fairways. Thought you’d be playing Caledonia in a standard golf cart? Well, guess again! That’s because Caledonia has had Finn Scooters on site pretty much since the day they were available. What’s a Finn Scooter, you ask?

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Bring Your Best Three Shots to Start

How often can it be said that a course has multiple signature holes? Well, that certainly is the case at True Blue Golf Club, where several iconic holes are on display from the very beginning of the round. Take, for example, No. 1, one of the best three-shot par 5s anywhere on the Strand and a hole that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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