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Finn Scooters: One of the most unique ways to get around the course you will ever see

Booking your upcoming round at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club through Caledonia Golf Vacations will ensure your entire experience is an absolute blast, right down to the very vehicle you use to cruise the fairways. Thought you’d be playing Caledonia in a standard golf cart? Well, guess again! That’s because Caledonia has had Finn Scooters on site pretty much since the day they were available. What’s a Finn Scooter, you ask?

Appearance-wise, Finn Scooters are designed to look like a chopper-type motorcycle. The bottom of the golf bag sits between your legs and the front of the bag with the clubheads are resting right between the handlebars. The clubs kind of go up at a 45-degree angle, which gives an appearance of a chopper with the high hands. Caledonia Head Golf Professional Marc Guertin said, “That makes it look kind of cool.”

The scooter is electric powered with hand brakes like a motorcycle would have. While there is some throttle, it tops out at about 18 miles per hour, and with very slow acceleration and wide tires, they are very stable. In addition, they are exceedingly light (only about 70 pounds), making them even easier to control. Guertin said, “As far as worrying about tipping over, it doesn’t have enough weight to really cause you much issue,” adding, “It’s very well balanced. It’s not a scary kind of speed because it takes off so slowly.”

There are lots of benefits to using a Finn Scooter. Being out in the open and with the breeze blowing, you’ll feel like you’re going a lot faster. Finn Scooters also have 1/10 the footprint of a traditional golf cart, providing the ability to pretty much go anywhere on the golf course, where the golf carts are very limited for the turf conditions. Said Guertin, “So, when it’s soft and we’re cart path only with the golf carts, most of the time, we can still let the Finn Scooters out on the golf course.” In addition, Guertin noted that with the Finn Scooters, everybody goes right up to their own golf ball. He noted, “It’s a very fast way to play. At the same time, they’re super quiet, so it’s still social. It doesn’t prohibit you from carrying on a conversation with everybody.”

With eight Finn Scooters on property and a 36-hole battery life, there is plenty of availability for you and your group to book them for your upcoming round at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. They cost just $30 extra per round, and with all the fun and added benefits, who wouldn’t want to give them a try? To reserve, simply call the pro shop after you’ve booked your tee time with Caledonia Golf Vacations.

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