Zig-Zag: Caledonia’s Hole No. 4

A short par 4, but don’t zig when you need to zag!

Just after the literal roller coaster ride on the green at No. 3, guests at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club are greeted by a friendly but moderately challenging par 4 at No. 4. Measuring just 396 yards from the longest set of tees, No. 4 at Caledonia is a fun par 4 with some subtle demands.

A uniquely shaped fairway and approach guide players to a very large elevated green complex. Measuring on the short end for a par 4, hole No. 4 at Caledonia has some sneaky teeth for those who don’t pay attention. From the tee, players are forced left by an expanse of waste area down the right that is immediately followed by a small (but quite effective) hazard area. To the left of this moderate trouble is a forgiving fairway that is begging for a smart layup tee shot, but few players take the gift.

Present across the entire hole is Mike Stranz’ signature style: using the natural lay of the land to create a fantastic and unique golf hole.

As the natural waste area pushes players to the left, there is a beautiful trap laid out by Stranz on the left side of the hole that many players don’t take into account until it’s too late. As a player gets closer to the approach on this short par 4, their angle into the green gets sharper and sharper until a wall of majestic oaks and pines completely blocks your shot. A bomb of a drive right down the middle leaves a player with the worst look at the green available on the hole. When you see your buddy grab the long iron and play for position, they aren’t just playing safe, they are playing the hole as Stranz intended.

With such a short and simple tee shot, the approach and green are where hole No. 4 at Caledonia can steal some strokes. Golfers are presented with a gigantic undulated putting green that deploys subtle breaks all over to keep players guessing. Elevated on three sides with some deep bunkers lurking left, the approach shot into No. 4 has many layers built in to challenge the golfer.

Short and sweet, with a little bit of bite. The par 4 at Caledonia’s No. 4 will have you zigging and zagging all the way to the hole.

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