Video Tip: Smash Your Tee Shots!

Want to mash your driver with more consistency? Dave Rosinski of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy in Pawleys Island, S.C. is here to help! Check out his latest video tip that includes a practice drill to help you achieve this goal.

Dave Rosinski:

My name is Dave Rosinski at Steve Dresser Golf Academy, and I teach the Friday driver clinic. And something that is brought to my attention regularly is a lot of students are hitting the ball off the top or the crown of the driver when they come to see us. And the number one thing that I have them working on is getting this club swinging up into the ball.

So I got a drill situation set up here on the ground. I have a tee right behind my ball just laying on the ground there, and then a head cover out in front. The idea is to feel like we’re going to get this driver to bottom out at this tee back here, and swing up above the head cover there.

So a good way to practice is make a couple swings where we’re clipping the tee here, missing the head cover on the way through. We can pick up speed a little bit. The idea would be just to kind of graze the center tee the best we can.

And then after we’re done practicing that a few times, we’re going to tee it up. I still want to clip this tee the best I can or get as close to it behind the ball. And I want this driver to work upward through impact.

Give that a shot, and that should help you with your launch conditions with the driver!


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