Strantz Spotlight: The 12th Hole at Caledonia

A key point of every course architect’s work is in the designer’s choice of green sites, and Mike Strantz has produced some of the wildest sites the golf world has ever seen. At Caledonia Golf & Fish Club you see a lot of narrow greens with different sections to them. These greens are meant to make you really think about your approach shot into them.

The 12th green at Caledonia is no different. While it does have some depth to it, missing long or short here can prove costly. Before you get to the green, you have to find this narrow fairway. The tee box is classic Caledonia. Tucked away in some fresh bushes near the pond where you see the gators sunbathing in the waste area just ahead. The further your tee shot goes, the narrower the fairway becomes.

The approach shot is where things get “fun.” When the pin is on the left side of the ridge this hole offers less resistance. It’s a wedge or mid-iron in, and chances are you have a decent look at birdie. When they move the pin to the other side of the ridge, well … let’s just say it’s no walk in the park. The back-right portion of this green is narrow with a lot of undulation. If you miss short you’re left looking up at the green out of thick rough with almost no chance of keeping it on the green with your next shot. Use the slope on either side of the hole to help feed the ball to the hole. It’s your only chance.

Don’t get distracted by the beautiful views from the tee at the 12th. It requires your full focus!

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