Strantz Spotlight: No. 8 at True Blue Golf Club

“It is an important thing in golf to make holes look much more difficult than they really are. People get more pleasure out of doing a hole which looks almost impossible and yet is not so difficult as it appears.” – Dr. Alister MacKenzie

When asked by Golf Club Atlas in 2000 who inspired his work the most, Mike Strantz didn’t hesitate to reference the aforementioned Scottish golf course architect whose course designs span the globe through four continents. And MacKenzie’s thoughts above serve as no better descriptor than it does with one of Strantz’s Lowcountry holes: the short, par-four 8th at True Blue Golf Club.

From the tee, your eyes are quickly drawn to the sharp dogleg in the middle of this fairway. From the tee you will have to hit a 230- to 240-yard shot to stay out of the trees on the left side. While there is a safe play, you can take it over the dogleg.

As the crow flies, this hole measures 310 yards from the back tee. Aim at the middle of the dogleg and hit a driver with a slight cut. Longer players can knock it onto this green, while shorter players will be left with the daunting 40- to 50-yard wedge shot.

This green looks tiny from the middle of the fairway, but you soon realize that initial visual deception as you approach the putting surface. When you get up to this elevated green you can fully see just how deep this green is. As far as hazards go on the golf course, the main one to avoid is the expansive waste area that guards that left side of the 8th green and 9th tee.

If this hole confuses you when you step to the tee box, then Strantz will be happy. While it looks intimidating, it’s one of the better birdie chances on the front nine at True Blue. Pick up a smooth birdie the next time you play this hole at True Blue Golf Club!

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