Strantz Spotlight: #16 at True Blue Golf Club

Mike Strantz’s work really comes to life on his par threes. You think of the 9th and the 17th at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: the subtle nuances on and around those greens make each hole unique in its own way.

When you tee it up at True Blue Golf Club, you’re treated to five great par threes. You visit the 3rd and 7th holes first. Each of these has a crazy green complex that can feed your ball toward the hole. The 11th sports a large green with a tier right in the middle of it. The 14th has the most unique bunkering on the entire golf course. Today, our focus shifts to the final par three at True Blue, the 16th hole.

Your eyes are drawn to the water that guards the right side of this hole. Just short of this green sits some fairway which will catch any tee shot that ends up short. Make sure to avoid the waste area that runs up the left side of this hole. The first thing you will want to do when step on the tee is note where the pin is. This will determine your shot shape into the green.

Why do you need to note where the pin is? The entire green slopes left to right. If the pin is on the right side, hit it up the left and let the slope do the work. If the pin is on the left side, play to the right of the pin so you will leave yourself an uphill birdie look.

Strantz’s par threes are a masterpiece. Be ready for the task when you tee it up at True Blue Golf Club!

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