Strantz Spotlight: #13 at True Blue Golf Club

While most of Mike Strantz’s designs have some of the toughest holes in golf, he offers up his fair share of birdie chances, too. At True Blue you have the tough stretch of holes from Nos. 2 through 4, but you’re given a good chance to attack on 5 and 6. Another hole that many golfers take advantage of is the par-4 13th.

Distance doesn’t affect golfers on this hole as many others do. A good tee shot traveling anywhere from 250 to 260 yards will leave a short iron or wedge in. The best part of this hole is the half-pipe fairway up the left side. If you occasionally pull your tee shot, no worries: the left side of this fairway kicks every ball back toward the middle (just don’t go too far left!).  A deep bunker guards the other side of the half-pipe, and tee shots that wander right will find native waste area or trees.

The approach shot isn’t the most intimidating one you’ll see during your round at True Blue. Avoid the bunker that sits about 30 yards short of the green and find the right section of this small green. Strantz gives you every opportunity to get your approach shot close. A mound on the right side of this green will force balls to the middle and front of the putting surface. Do not force the issue if you have a 30-footer. Take your two-putt and get out.

Enjoy this hole and more the next time you tee it up at True Blue Golf Club!

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