Signature Hole Spotlight: No. 14 At Caledonia

The optimal way to make par on this make-or-break hole


Caledonia Golf & Fish Club has all the makings of a championship-caliber course, including notable holes like No. 14, a somewhat lengthy par 4 that challenges players to hit it out parallel to a water hazard to the left to gain a better angle into the green. As with many holes at Caledonia, oaks and flowers set a picturesque backdrop for this truly fantastic hole, one that is sure to make a lasting impression during your upcoming golf vacation with Caledonia Golf Vacations. Here is the most strategic way to make par on No. 14:

The optimal place to hit it off the tee on No. 14 is long and down the right side of the fairway. If you go slightly left, you risk being cut off from a good look at the green by an old Southern oak that rises from a sandy waste area. There are also two sand traps to the left guarding the fairway. And, of course, you won’t forget the ginormous water hazard that runs down the entire left side of the hole. To put it simply, left is no good on No. 14 – either off the tee or on the approach. At the same time, players who hit it too far right and miss the fairway risk ending up in a forest with absolutely no look at the green. The longest hitters could even hit it through the fairway and into the woods. The tee shot here is as demanding as any on the golf course.

If you hit a good drive down the right side of the fairway, you’ll be rewarded with a manageable scoring iron into the long, undulating green which is protected by one elegantly placed bunker in the front right, another oak tree which overhangs the right side of the green and, again, the water hazard to the left. There is also very little room behind the green before the woods come back into play. In short, hitting the green, or at least getting to a manageable pitching position short or just right of the green, is an absolute must.

Hit it close and give yourself a chance to make birdie, or at the very least, two-putt and walk away with par, a very desirable score on this difficult hole.

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