Playing Tip: Warm Up the Right Way!

Are you playing Caledonia or True Blue soon? Stuart Clark wants to show you the proper way to warm up before your round!

Stuart Clark:
Hey, guys. My name’s Stuart Clark. I am one of the lead instructors here at the Steve Dresser Golf Academy here at True Blue and Caledonia. Today, we’re going to go over the proper way to warm up before our round. This is a very vital part of the game, and a lot of amateurs don’t take the time to warm up properly. They want to rush to the golf course. They want to go grab their driver, the first club, grab driver, run out there, and smash it as hard as they can. That’s not how the pros do it. That’s not how we want to do it. We want to get to the golf course in time so we can do a little stretching, five or 10 minutes of stretching.

We don’t want to start with a driver, or do we want to start with a seven or five iron? We want to start with something easy. As you saw me come into the screen, I was just hitting some soft warmup shots with a sand wedge. We want to start small. It’s an athletic sport, so we want to start hitting little 20, 30, 40-yard pitches just to start warming the body up before we start going into a dead sprint. I call sprinting a seven-iron driver because using a lot of force to hit those shots. So we want to start small, work to the big clubs.

But what I will say is when you are going through your warmups, once you get through the initial 20, 30, 40, you’re trying to work the wedges. When you get to your eight or seven iron, I would love to see you start getting more target oriented, going through your pre-shot routine. Don’t get in that mentality of dragging and whacking. Go ahead. Go through your pre-shot routine. See your shot, see what you’re trying to hit, and go through it just like you would on the first or the 18th hole. We want to start getting those good habits early. So once again, if we want to take this warmup station out to the course, you’re going to have to first loosen up, start small, start seeing your pre-shot routine, your target oriented, and then from there we want to take that to the golf course.

That’s your Tip Tuesday: start warming up properly!

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