No. 6 at True Blue: “Double Vision” or “Double Trouble”

A multifaceted par 4 with a dual green complex

Is it a straightaway par 4, or is it a dogleg right? For No. 6 at True Blue Golf Club, the answer to the question depends on the day you tee it up. A demanding par 4 measuring 404 yards from the tips, No. 6 features two different green complexes that challenge the strategy behind every swing.

Pay close attention to the signage as you are planning your tee ball, as True Blue’s No. 6 can play as two very different golf holes. The highlight of this hole is the dual green that lies in wait ahead. One green creates a straightaway par 4, while the other green is tucked away out of sight producing a dogleg right par 4.

The heart and soul of this golf hole is born from the natural terrain and features of the property, a famous trait of any Mike Strantz design. As players step to the tee they are faced with a truly visually daunting tee shot. Framed beautifully by the tall pines on either side, the drive travels through the tunnel of trees with a forced carry over the top of the famous Lowcountry wetlands. You have to hit it well, or you’re likely facing the dreaded reload.

No. 6 at True Blue is all about the placement. Most of True Blue’s fairways offer a “grip and rip” feel off the tee, but on this one Mike Stranz said “no way.  The dual green forces your hand for an ideal position to approach either one. The concept is quite simple: playing to the green on the right, stay to the left; and playing to the green on the left, stay to the right. Both greens are blocked out from the wrong side, forcing golfers to either sacrifice a stroke and lay up, or roll the dice and play some “Bubba Watson” golf.

As a reprieve from the surely exigent journey, Mike Stranz loosened the reins around the green. Both left and right green complexes offer very similar styles: sloping front to back with an easy-to-manage feel, surrounded by some tame bunkering and waste areas. Challenging still, but quite a break from the gauntlet the player runs from tee to green on No. 6 at True Blue.

With one of the most interesting dichotomies you will find on a golf course, Hole No. 6 at True Blue Golf Club is a beautiful test of golf.

We know the golfer is sure to have some fun, but the real question is, which green are we playing today?

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