Golf Tip from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy: Managing the Inside Takeaway

As Steve Dresser of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club shows us, there’s often a natural tendency for the casual golfer to take “inside” to the extreme when they swing, and the actual result often becomes the opposite of what they think they’re trying to do. Let Steve show you in this video how you can overcome this tendency.


Believe it or not, when we’re doing video analysis and we’re playing back someone’s swing for them, I will often play their swing backwards from impact to address. And the reason for that is, a lot of people have the word “inside” pounded into their head, and the first thing they do is they yank the club back inside way behind them. From here all you can really do is lift, and invariably people come back out over this way (the infamous “over the top” move). Now the club’s out over here, cutting across from the outside, and depending on the angle of the club face it could go behind me or go over that way.

So really, when you’re out here that’s really more where you’d like to have the takeaway, and then let it drop under here. So that’s a good drill: I wouldn’t recommend you truly try to swing that way, but if you’re trying to get rid of the typical loop that we see which is inside and over, do the opposite! Take it back higher, or what feels like more to the outside, and then drop it under. That’s going to get that club working from underneath, body turning through and club face rotating, and you’ll actually draw the ball.

I always tell people, “You’re gonna feel like you’re swinging like Jim Furyk, but you’re gonna actually look like you’re Justin Rose. It’s not as big of a loop as you think it is.” And the reason it isn’t is because you loop so much going this way and that way that when you feel like looping the other way, nine times out of 10 you’re pretty much keeping it on the same plane going back and coming down.

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