Charlie Rymer’s Golf Tips: No. 3 at True Blue

As part of the Charlie Rymer Golf Show on ESPN, host Charlie Rymer showcases several holes at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and offers playing tips along the way. In this video, he’s highlighting True Blue’s par-3 3rd hole!

Nothing beats golf in Myrtle Beach. I’m showing off and playing some of our best courses all while giving you some advice for your game. This is Charlie’s Golf Tips.

The par three third at True Blue might be the strongest par three in all of Myrtle Beach. Think about that folks, there’s a lot of great par threes in Myrtle Beach. It sure helps when you’re playing this hole if you can take it in there high and you absolutely have to stripe it or you’re going to be swimming. How do you take it in high? Well have a look. So here’s what I got, nearly 200 yards over an alligator infested pond to a very skinny area. What this calls for is a moon ball. That’s right, folks, a moon ball. I got to launch this straight up in the air. Now how am I going to do that? Well, I got two things for you. Number one, you can see I got that ball teed up. That’s going to help me get this ball up in the air. I don’t want to take a divot, I want to sweep it off of that tee. The second thing I want to do, is I want to have a high finish. I want my shaft to finish, swing my left ear, my left shoulder. If I’m swinging high in particular, picking up off of that tee, I’ll hit this ball really high.

Come on, moon ball.

That a baby. That’s dropped in from a million feet up in the air. Get that finish between the left ear and the left shoulder. Take it off the top of that tee. You can get it high too.

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