As Seen on ESPN2: Charlie Rymer Takes On True Blue’s Par-3 16th

In this segment from Season 2 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” that aired recently on ESPN2, Charlie Rymer offers his thoughts on the par-3 16th hole at True Blue – which features lots of water in front and right, and a waste bunker to the left. Charlie’s here to show you the difference in how to play out of this type of bunker versus a more “traditional” greenside sand hazard.

Have a look at the magnificent par-three 16th, 165 yards. And all I can tell you folks, if you haven’t been practicing your golf game before your trip to Myrtle Beach, I hope you pack a snorkel. You might need it here, such a tough golf hole. The obvious bailout is over to the left, but if you go to the left, there might be a little bit more going on over there than you might think at first.

So here in Myrtle Beach, we’ve got a lot of these waste bunkers, and believe it or not, you can drive your cart right through the middle of them. Now the deal is, if you hit your ball in the waste bunker, even though you can take a cart in there, you still have to play out of it.

And it’s a much different technique than a normal bunker. Why? Hear how hard that is? You’ve got to drive the leading edge of the golf club under the ball to hit a good shot out of one of these hard-packed waste bunkers. How do you do that?

It’s pretty simple. I’m going to lean into the shot a little bit, put more weight on my left side. I’m going to set the club quicker, going back, and I’m going to hold that set. That’ll help get the leading edge under the golf ball. It’ll come out a little bit lower and a little faster than a normal bunker. Let’s see what we get.

You can’t hide talent!

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