Caledonia Hole #13 Hero

As Seen on ESPN2: Charlie Rymer Shows You How to Avoid Temptation at Caledonia’s Par-4 13th

Caledonia offers memorable holes left and right, and its par-4 13th is certainly no exception. In this segment from Season 2 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on ESPN2, Charlie showcases this great hole and shows you the best place to hit it – despite what your eyes might be telling you from the tee box!

Charlie Rymer:
When you stand up on the tee box at 13 at Caledonia, it feels a little claustrophobic. It feels like you’re being squeezed, and that’s absolutely the case because you’re definitely playing through a chute.

But you also get the feeling that if I put my ball in the proper position off the tee, I’m going to be rewarded with something. And boy, are you. Look at the view as you turn this corner! This green is raised up. It’s in an island of sand, beautiful pond behind. It’s a good birdie opportunity, but you have to have great discipline off the tee to put the ball in proper position.

As you can see, the 13th hole looks a lot different here on the tee box than it does from up above. And the tendency is the first time you play this hole is to feel like I’ve got to hit over to the left, I’ve got to cut the corner. Don’t do that, my friends. If you do that, you’re going to end up in some deep and dark trees. You got to play the ball out to the right. That’s going to give you a much better angle for your second shot.

Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to find a tree trunk through the fairway. That’s the right center of the fairway. Focus on that, laser-like focus. It’s just a five wood. I’ll cruise this down there, about 225. And that’ll give me a perfect angle for my second shot.

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