As Seen on ESPN2: Charlie Rymer Showcases a Taste of Augusta National at Caledonia’s Par-3 11th

Caledonia offers memorable holes left and right, but for Charlie Rymer one in particular evokes thoughts of Augusta National: the par-3 11th. In this segment from Season 2 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on ESPN2, Charlie showcases this great hole and shows you how best to enjoy the experience!

Charlie Rymer:

When you stand on the 11th for the first time at Caledonia, if you’re a big fan of golf and, in particular, if you’re a big fan of The Masters, it almost feels like a déjà vu especially if you’ve had the opportunity to play Augusta National because this hole feels a lot like number 12 at Augusta National. One of the best par 3s in the world.

Sure, the water’s on the left instead of the right. And the angle works from right to left instead of left to right. But you’d better be careful if the wind is swirling. Here’s the best way to tackle this beautiful 11th here at Caledonia. This 11th hole is one of the prettiest par 3s in all of Myrtle Beach. And I do see a little bit of the 12th at Augusta here. It sort of takes your breath away the first time you see the hole.

Now let’s keep it really simple. This green is pretty deep from back to front. I’m about 160 yards to the middle of the green. But what I do when I play this hole is I divide that big green into two smaller greens, front and back. I’m about 160 to the middle, I never want to hit it 160. I either want to hit it 150 which is an 8 iron, or 170 which is a 7 iron. Just keep it as simple as possible, ignore the flagstick and put it in the middle of whichever green the flagstick is that day.

I think that’ll work!

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